Regarded as one of the most renowned traditional systems of medicine, Ayurveda has survived the test of time and emerged as a source of holistic wellness for mind and body. That’s not all! The ancient healing tradition of Ayurveda is now widely being used in natural skincare for giving people the skin of their dreams!

The Ayurvedic approach to beauty

According to Ayurveda, beauty has a holistic definition that includes inner, outer and lasting beauty. In other words, ‘True beauty comes from within’. This is why an Ayurveda-inspired skincare is natural, holistic and attends to the root causes of imbalances, providing lasting, therapeutic relief.

Benefits of Ayurveda-Inspired Skincare

Derived from age-old Ayurvedic rituals and traditions, the skincare inspired from Ayurveda has multiple benefits. Some of them include:

Balanced skin’s moisture levels | Toned and firm skin | Protection from UV damage | Reduced signs of aging | Radiant glow

How Was Ayuga Born?

Passionate about Ayurveda and age-old rituals, our team gave birth to Ayuga, an abode of authentic Ayurvedic formulations fused with the power of Face Yoga. As a traditional-turned-modern skincare brand, our aim is to not just give you healthy and radiant skin but also help you restore balance between your mind and body with the power of tradition.

Kumkumadi - The Miracle Beauty Oil

Meet the ultimate Ayurvedic formulation for radiant skin. Prescribed as an essential beauty treatment in Ayurveda text of Ashtanga Hrudaya, Kumkumadi Oil is prepared with finest ingredients sourced from nature. It is known to fade dark spots, reduce pigmentation and make skin radiant while being extremely gentle on the skin. It also prevents clogging of pores and is quick to absorb, giving the skin a soft, supple, and radiant appearance.


Who is it For?

Kumkumadi is suitable for all skin types and is ideal for people with dull and aging skin. People looking to bring a natural radiance to their skin and make it more glowing can also reap the benefits of our authentic Kumkumadi formulations.

What Does It Consists of?

There are a total of 30 ingredients that go into the making of this miracle beauty oil. The main ingredient being Saffron, capable of brightening your complexion and transforming your skin tone. Kumkumadi Oil also contains floral components like Lotus pollen and Water Lily to give your skin a dose of important plant nutrients. In addition to these ingredients, this ultimate Ayurvedic formulation features the fusion of cooling and soothing ingredients like Sandalwood and Vetiver, making it ideal for tropical countries like India.

Why Is It Revered As the Miraculous Elixir?

As per ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, Saffron is one of the most valued beauty ingredients. Kumkumadi Oil, loosely translated as Saffron Oil is a powerhouse blend of herbal ingredients that suits all skin types and is capable of treating multiple skin conditions. It is due to this reason that this miraculous oil is gaining more popularity every passing day.

Top Benefits of Using Kumkumadi Oil

Considered as Ayurveda’s invaluable gift to mankind, Kumkumadi Oil is known to eradicate skin-related issues and unveil the skin’s natural glow. Here are the top 3 benefits of using this beauty oil.

Reverses Pigmentation : Every formulation enriched with Kumkumadi is capable of repairing pigmentation and skin discoloration. Using it on skin that’s regularly exposed to the sun helps in inhibiting the enzyme responsible for pigmented skin.

Moisturizes Skin : If hydration is what your skin’s looking for then go for Kumkumadi Oil without any second thought. Dashamool, one of its key ingredients is a blend of skin-moisturizing herbs which helps restore the skin’s natural moisture and keeps it hydrated.

Adds Radiance : Packed with skin-brightening properties, Saffron, one of the key ingredients of this miracle beauty oil, rejuvenates skin cells and promotes blood circulation resulting in a naturally glowing complexion.

Is Kumkumadi Oil Suitable for Acne-Prone Skin?

No. Using the Kumkumadi Oil on acne-prone skin can result in giving rise to more breakouts.

I Have Oily Skin. Will this Oil Make My Skin More Oily?

No. However, it is advised to people with oily skin to not overuse it.

Can I Use the Kumkumadi Oil After Applying the Night Cream?

No. Use this oil as a standalone product and do not layer it up with any other skincare formulation.

When Can I Expect the Results After Using this Oil?

Use the Kumkumadi Oil regularly for 3 weeks to see visible results.

Is It Okay to Apply Anything Before Kumkumadi Oil?

Cleanse and tone your skin with a natural cleanser and toner before applying the Kumkumadi Oil. You don’t need to use anything else after its application.

Can this Oil Help In Treating Dark Circles?

Yes. Take a few drops of this oil and apply it on dark circles with your fingertips. Leave it overnight and wake up to fresh, rejuvenated under eyes every morning.

Is Kumkumadi Only Available in the Form of Oil?

No. We have a complete range of authentic Ayurvedic formulations enriched with 100% Kumkumadi Oil. These include - face wash, serum, night gel, face oil, scrub, day cream and face mask. Go ahead, try them out!

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