Our Experts

Our experts are the key to our great products. From formulating authentic Kumkumadi Oil based on the text of Ashtanga Hridyam to bringing ancient tradition of Face Yoga into your skincare routine - they do it all - for your skin’s best care.

Years of research and experience have gone into formulating the most effective ayurvedic products. Using the right ingredients and rituals, our experts maximise the efficacy of authentic recipes and enable them to deliver exactly what they are designed for. With years of knowledge and experience, they have helped us give birth to some of the best Ayurvedic formulations that are not only effective but also organic.


Prof. PK Prajapati, Ayurveda Expert

With 24 years of experience in teaching at some of the most prestigious Ayurveda institutes like IMS, Banaras Hindu University, National Institute of Ayurveda and many more, Prof. P.K Prajapati is currently working as the Managing Director at IMPCL (Indian Medicines Pharmaceutical Corporation Limited). Truly a master in his field, Prof. P.K Prajapati has successfully completed few of the research projects and won several awards associated with Ayurveda. He also holds 24 years of experience in handling commercial and laboratory level of manufacturing in different Ayurvedic dosage forms.


Dr. Harisha C.R, Ayurveda Expert

A Pharmacognosist by profession, Dr. Harisha C.R holds 26 years of teaching experience in Ayurvedic medicine. He also has specialization in fields like Taxonomy, Anatomy and Phytochemistry. With over 453 research articles published, Dr. Harisha has also won numerous awards for his contribution in Ayurveda & Pharmacognosy.


Mansi Gulati, Face Yoga Expert

An international Yogi, author and thinker, Mansi Gulati has 15+ years of experience in Face Yoga. She has been performing Yoga sessions in nearly all states including- the Vice President House of India and 28 Governor Houses in all states, various embassies , prison homes , schools, universities and mega events like the Kumbh with none other than Yogaguru Baba Ramdevji and Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji. Being an International Yoga exponent, she has worked and actively campaigned for the novel concept of ‘Face Yoga’ and written 19 books to promote its benefits.

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